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Scott Mattison

Senior Project Manager  


Scott is a Senior Project Manager at BTY with 25 years of industry experience. He joined the firm in 2020.

Based in BTY’s Atlanta office, Scott leads Lenders Services projects, to which he brings wide-ranging expertise in design, project management, construction and real estate development in the hospitality, multi-family residential, industrial and retail sectors. His BTY project portfolio focus is on projects in those sectors in the East and South.

Tight labour supply, volatile lumber prices and supply, and less property flipping.

Scott Mattison sees three trends at work in his project portfolio, which currently spans four sectors and four states. The projects include hotels and warehouses (valued at $300 million), multi-family developments ($100 million), and retail ($30 million).

The top trend is the challenge that contractors are having in getting reliable quotes from trades. Demand for labour is so strong the top trades are cherry picking projects and quoting high if there is any uncertainty about the project going forward.

The second is the turmoil caused by the volatility in lumber prices and uneven availability over the past year. Those twin issues make it hard for general contractors to provide reliable estimates – and to keep to schedule.

The third trend is a noticeable drop in property flipping, even though house prices are rising. The decline is due to a decrease in funding availability as would-be flippers now have to put at least 5 percent of the purchase price down.

What do you like about working at BTY?

I was very pleased to discover how diverse the BTY workforce is, with so many people from different cultures. And yet it feels like a big friendly family. I also really like being able to hold my own with my Canadian colleagues when talk turns to hockey.

Industry Experience

  • Construction Scheduling
  • Owner’s Representation
  • Private Real Estate Developers
  • Public Authorities and Owners