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Suud Zahir

Associate Director  

Suud is an Associate Director at BTY with 10 years of industry experience. He joined BTY in 2022.

Based in Montreal, Suud is a seasoned professional boasting a profound understanding of Quebec’s construction industry. His expertise lies in Project Monitoring and Lender Services, and Project Management. He is experienced in both the public and private sectors, having been involved in diverse asset classes. His unique insight into the industry stems from his background having worked for a general contractor, developer, and consultant. His Construction Loan Monitoring expertise extends to residential, commercial, and industrial assets throughout the province of Quebec, with a successful track record of overseeing Loan Monitoring Services for projects worth over $2 billion.

What motivates you to be part of BTY’s team?

The dynamic entrepreneurial ethos coupled with a great workplace culture fosters a positive and rewarding work environment.