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Stoney Transit Facility has opened as the largest operating transit facility of its kind in North America

The Stoney Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Storage and Transit Facility project reached Substantial Completion. The new facility officially opened for operation in May 2019 earlier this year. The project compromised 44,300 square-metre facilities designed to store and refuel over 470 40-foot buses.

BTY provided Lenders` Technical Advisory services during the bid stage if the facility which focused on conducting a complete technical due-diligence review of the project. Additionally, BTY provided phase monitoring and payment certification on the project.

Due to the use of CNG and the overall scale of the facility a safety review was delivered in order to record progress and review it to what was contractually obliged.


The aim of these site visits was to help provide all parties with the assurance that construction is happening according to schedule and by providing all involved parties with an overall safety review of potential risks the facility could face.

The project is among the worlds biggest facility to use CNG and the largest such facility in North America. The use of CNG combustion produces less non-environmentally friendly gasses compared to fuels such as gasoline, diesel fuel and propane/LP which will further reduce the impact of Alberta’s environmental footprint and greenhouse gas emission, road-side traffic congestion and save $4 million on fuel cost for taxpayers.

The new Stoney Transit Facility includes 36 maintenance and cleaning bays with on-site fuelling infrastructure and associate staff facilities.