Vaughn, a Senior Consultant, has more than 30 years of international and Canadian experience in the industry. He joined BTY in 2016.

His focus areas are Cost Management and Technical Advisory services for Public Authorities and Owners, Private Real Estate Developers, Architects, and Specialist Consultants.

Vaughn has acquired wide-ranging expertise gained through experience as an Owner, Construction Manager, General Contractor and consultant. He is skilled in Cost Consulting, Project Planning, Construction Management, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) as well as Database Modeling.

Vaughn also has extensive experience in the commercial and retail sectors. As a Senior Estimator and Commercial Group Manager for a leading U.S. architectural firm, he served as a Project Cost Manager for major clients such as Costco (Mexico and UK), Fred Meyer and Kimco Realty.

Even though Vaughn has spent decades helping to develop places where people spend time indoors, he loves his time outdoors. Whether on the sea in a sailboat or hiking, biking or off-roading, Vaughn feels most at home in the wild – relaxed and exploring nature.