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First-to-Market deals and innovations to deliver critical infrastructure, and meet environmental and socially sustainable development goals.


In 2014, BTY began providing our award-winning advisory services for PPP infrastructure developments in Turkey’s ambitious healthcare expansion programme.

Since then, we have expanded the range of services as well as sectors and markets served in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Today, our experts provide a comprehensive range of independent project delivery expertise in social, transportation and energy infrastructure, and environmental and social advisory services to meet local and international development criteria.

Projects in Turkey, Eastern Europe & Central Asia

  • Third Bosphorus Bridge

    Istanbul, Turkey

  • Kocaeli Integrated Health Campus

    Kocaeli, Turkey

  • Izmir Bayrakli Integrated Health Campus

    Bayrakli, Izmir

  • Mersin Integrated Health Campus


  • Tekirdağ Integrated Health Campus

    Tekirdağ, Turkey

  • Konya Karatay Integrated Health Campus

    Konya, Turkey

Third Bosphorus Bridge

Istanbul, Turkey

BTY’s mandate comprised Lenders Technical Environmental and Social Advisory Services, Refinance Technical Due Diligence Services and Traffic Study Services for the world’s widest and third longest span suspension bridge crossings over the Bosphorus strait.

Kocaeli Integrated Health Campus

Kocaeli, Turkey

The Kocaeli Integrated Health Campus will be built on a 226,626 sm site in the Kocaeli Province, located in the Marmara region of northwest Turkey. The campus will include six hospitals with a capacity of 1,180 beds.

Izmir Bayrakli Integrated Health Campus

Bayrakli, Izmir

The Izmir Bayraklı Integrated Health Campus will be built on a 622,530 sm site in Bayrakli, a metropolitan district in Izmir Province on the coast of western Turkey. The Campus will include seven hospitals with a total enclosed area of 57,354 sm and capacity for 2,060 beds.

Mersin Integrated Health Campus


The Mersin Integrated Health Campus will have capacity for 1,294 beds and 232,000 sm of floor area.

Tekirdağ Integrated Health Campus

Tekirdağ, Turkey

The project has a total capacity of 480 beds. It will feature general care, new-born intensive care, burn, labour and delivery services for the general public. It will provide necessary medical facilities and the additional capacity needed to support the region.

Konya Karatay Integrated Health Campus

Konya, Turkey

The project will be procured using a Design-Build-Finance-Maintain (DBFM) model with a contract period of 28 years, comprising a three-year construction period and 25-year operating period. The construction of new facilities will have a total capacity of 838 beds, including a 418-bed Regional Hospital, and a 420-bed Maternity and Paediatric Hospital.

Overview of all our services

  • Infrastructure Advisory

    BTY’s award-winning Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnerships Advisory Team brings global experience in complex social, civil and energy infrastructure assets.

    Our Lenders’ Technical Advisory (LTA) services start during the bidding stage of Preferred Proponent selection to provide Financial Institutions comprehensive due diligence on the project’s viability. Our clear reporting enables Project Companies to address competitive pricing and provides Financial Institutions thorough review of project risks.

    Through the construction phase, BTY’s LTA teams provide regular monitoring and progress reports detailing adherence to the project budget and schedule, Certification of Payments, Risk Tracking and Mitigation.

    As Independent Certifiers and Independent Engineers, we provide third-party objectivity in Milestone Attestation, Compliance Reporting, Dispute Resolution and facilitate the process for achieving Substantial Completion and Final Completion Certification.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

    BTY’s experts bring knowledge in assessing environmental risk, developing environmental impact assessments and action plans associated with major infrastructure and land development projects.

    We design, implement, and monitor plans to mitigate and manage environmental impact requirements for traditional and alternative delivery models in all market sectors.

    Our solutions ensure compliance with various policies of International Financial Institutions (IFI). These can include policies on environmental and social sustainability, Equator Principles, World Bank Safeguard Policies, Requirements of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Asian Development Bank Environmental Policy and legislative obligations.

  • Health & Safety Advisory

    We provide a multidisciplinary approach to our health and safety advisory services in compliance with local legislative requirements and international best practices.

    Our professionals are knowledgeable in health and safety management systems development, implementation, and monitoring, including ILO-OSH or OHSAS requirements.

    We review health and safety documentation, training, and monitoring tools, and provide effective solutions to site practices for compliance with management system checks and services. We can provide ad hoc support to achieve compliance with national and international laws.

  • Social & Labour Advisory

    BTY provides risk and impact assessments and audits on social, and labour related matters associated with major infrastructure and land development projects.

    We design, implement, and monitor plans to mitigate and manage social and labour requirements for both traditional and alternative delivery models across market sectors.

    We develop resettlement action plans, community development plans, and livelihood restoration strategies, as well as conduct labour audits, institutional analysis, assessments of working conditions, and human rights impact assessments to SA8000 standards and in compliance with legislative requirements.

  • Transaction Advisory


    BTY Transaction Advisory Services are designed to provide Public and Private Sector clients with market intelligence, viability analysis, and due diligence tailored to meet their investment objectives for built assets.

    We provide specialist knowledge in Financial Modeling, Market Sounding, Funding Sources Review, Business Case Development, Cost/Benefit Assessment, Transaction Stage Commercial Advisory, and Post-Transaction Stage Reporting support.

    We advise developers and authorities on deficiencies, facilities management, life-cycle costs, revenues, and payment deductions.

    On existing assets, we conduct construction and operational due diligence for Refinancing and Secondary Market Transactions.

    BTY’s team has provided Transaction Advisory Services for social infrastructure, civil, and transportation projects.

  • Traffic Studies & Due Diligence

    We provide traffic and revenue forecasting and due diligence services based on technical program, regional demographics, and market data.

    Developers, equity investors and lenders rely upon our analysis and reviews to identify and mitigate commercial risk when preparing a business case and investment outlook.

    Drawing on our expertise in conducting technical due diligence in the transportation sector, we can forecast traffic and revenue for railways, highways, airports, and other logistics related sectors, such as marine ports.

  • Condition Assessments

    Our Property Condition Assessment (PCA) Service includes documentation preparation and review, condition survey/building review, assessment of operator repair and maintenance compliance, identification of remedial measures and a remedial cost estimate.

    We prepare Reserve Fund Studies (RFS), also known as Depreciation Reports, enabling owners to optimize the service life of their real estate assets. Our experts work with strata representatives and property managers to develop financial plans to decrease or eliminate deferred maintenance.

    In addition to covering all components of a PCA, our studies also provide a financial analysis and a range of funding scenarios. A review of the current Contingency Reserve Fund (CRF) account balance, CRF contributions and operating costs assess whether current funding levels are adequate to meet anticipated expenditures.

  • Claims Services & Expert Opinion

    BTY provides Claims Services, Expert Opinion, formal and informal Disputes Resolution, Project Adjudication and Mediation services related to construction projects.

    We offer objective and experienced analysis on projects relating to delay events, payment and claims disputes and default notices. We develop mitigation recommendations to prevent disputes from escalating into costly litigation.

    For lenders and investors whose projects are not meeting the intended terms established at the outset of a loan agreement, we review the letter of engagement, inspect the project with the parties to the agreement and provide a definitive report to substantiate dispute claims.

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