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Developing government facilities poses unique challenges with respect to security, access, technology and the cost-effective delivery of key services to citizens and communities.

BTY brings four decades of experience in multiple procurement models to help develop a wide range of government facilities, from civic and operations centers to offices, embassies and court houses.

High-security mandates require detailed knowledge of technical systems design and requirements, building and infrastructure design engineering and reporting due diligence tailored to the needs and protocols of local and national project authorities.

We have worked on a wide range of projects for all levels of government, including correctional centres, police facilities and military bases.

Expert support from concept to completion

Our exposure to the needs and strengths of owners, authorities, investors, developers, designers and contractors enables us to provide multi-perspective insights through all stages of the development cycle.

BTY’s professionals also bring knowledge in Building Information Modelling (BIM), 3D Printing, LEAN planning, Smart Technologies and Placemaking to address productivity, environmental and community integration goals of the project.

Complete Project Development Solutions

Business Case

We support clients in developing business plans and investment prospectus for real estate and infrastructure assets, including Project Feasibility, Value for Money Analysis, Economic Impact, Pro forma Development, Budget and Schedule Analysis.


As part of our Project Management practice, BTY’s services include developing Project Governance and Implementation Frameworks, as well as advisory service for Project Start-up, Design and Procurement.


We provide expertise to address productivity, cost, schedule and risk management decision-making. These services include Employer’s Agent Design Management, Project Controls, Regulatory Compliance, Cost  Estimating and Cost Control, Value Engineering and Change Management.


Our expertise in conducting Construction Financing Reviews is rooted in 40 years of experience on thousands of projects across all market sectors. Our award-winning due diligence reporting is at the core of each of our services in this category, which include Loan Agreement Compliance, Risk Management, Budget and Schedule Review, Replacement Scenario, Payment Mechanisms, and Technical Advisory.


BTY’s expertise in construction implementation, monitoring and risk management encompasses all traditional and alternative procurement and delivery models. Our services include Owner’s Project Management, Employer’s Agent, Budget and Schedule Management, Construction Phase Fund Monitoring, Independent Certification and Payment Certification.


BTY provides specialist expertise in assessing a building’s current state, establishing capital planning priorities and life-cycle operations and maintenance. Our services include Compliance Inspections, Life-Cycle Cost & Facilities Management Review and Property Condition Assessments.


Our Project Experience Spans Across
Industries, Sectors and Continents

Explore Projects


  • NRC Advanced Manufacturing Program

    Winnipeg, MB

  • Macdonald Block Complex Retrofit

    Toronto, ON

  • Ottawa Carbon Neutral Study

    Ottawa, ON

  • Tel Aviv Chancery

    Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Howard County Circuit Courthouse

    Howard County, MD

  • Lansing Correctional Facility

    Lansing, KS

NRC Advanced Manufacturing Program

Winnipeg, MB

Led by the National Research Council’s Advanced Manufacturing Program, the project comprises the construction of a new state-of-the-art facility containing multi-purpose specialized labs and research support services areas for scientific, technical, business development and administrative activities.

Macdonald Block Complex Retrofit

Toronto, ON

The project involves the first ever renovation of the core systems, including electrical, water, cooling and heating of​ the 45-year-old MacDonald Block, a complex of four towers in Toronto. The eight-year project will also include renovations to the Whitney Block, one of Ontario’s oldest government office buildings. Renovations to the Whitney Block will include replacing windows, updating the heating system and repairing the façade.

Ottawa Carbon Neutral Study

Ottawa, ON

The purpose of the Carbon Neutral Study was to identify technologies available and investment required in order to help the Government of Canada achieve its goal of a carbon neutral portfolio by 2030.

Tel Aviv Chancery

Tel Aviv, Israel

BTY was involved in the relocation of the Canadian Chancery in Tel Aviv, Israel. We provided Quantity Surveying services throughout the various phases of the project. The relocation involved a new 2,450m2 stand-alone facility to be used as a residence for Canada’s Ambassador to Israel.

Howard County Circuit Courthouse

Howard County, MD

The project scope included the design and construction of a new 230,000 square-feet circuit courthouse and a 600-space structured parking facility. BTY provided Pre-Bid Lenders’ Technical Advisory services for the project.

Lansing Correctional Facility

Lansing, KS

This project involves the construction of a new Correctional Facility in Lansing, Kansas. It will comprise two housing units containing approximately 2,400 beds, as well as areas for improved medical services, food service, staff support and both indoor and outdoor recreation areas. Parking, improved lighting and new security features have also been included in the design.

Experts with a wide range of experience

in civic and security social infrastructure

  • Canada
  • Europe
  • MENA
  • Ping Pang


  • Marie Foley

    Director, P3 Advisory

  • Michael Gabert


  • Louis Guilbeault

    Director, Project Delivery

  • Joanne Henson


  • Nicholas Jackson

    Associate Director

  • Lionel Dore


  • Erin Price


  • Marie Foley

    Director, P3 Advisory

  • Jack McInerney

    Director, PPP & Infrastructure Advisory

  • Tunca Ataoglu

    Regional Director, EMEA

  • James Allen


  • Chris Welsh

    Associate Director

  • Göze Doğu


  • Sibel Gulen


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