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As a global consultancy, BTY provides Complete Project Development Solutions in multiple languages through professionals rooted in local markets.

We invest in developing knowledge and training in future-oriented changes in construction and share our lessons widely for the benefit of our clients and industry.

Expert support from concept to completion

Our exposure to the needs and strengths of owners, authorities, investors, developers, designers and contractors enables us to provide multi-perspective insights through all stages of the development cycle.

BTY’s professionals also bring knowledge in Building Information Modelling (BIM), 3D Printing, LEAN planning, Smart Technologies and Placemaking to address the productivity, environmental and community integration goals of the project.

Complete Project Development Solutions

Business Case

We support clients in developing business plans and investment prospectus for real estate and infrastructure assets, including Project Feasibility, Value for Money Analysis, Economic Impact, Pro Forma Development, Budget and Schedule Analysis.


As part of our Project Management practice, BTY’s services include developing Project Governance and Implementation Frameworks, as well as advisory services for Project Start-up, Design and Procurement.


We provide expertise to address productivity, cost, schedule and risk management decision-making. These services include Employers’ Agent Design Management, Project Controls, Regulatory Compliance, Cost Estimating and Cost Control, Value Engineering and Change Management.


Our expertise in conducting Construction Financing Reviews is rooted in 40 years of experience on tens of thousands of projects across all market sectors. Our award-winning due diligence reporting is at the core of each of our services in this category, which include Loan Agreement Compliance, Risk Management, Budget and Schedule Review, Replacement Scenario Analysis, Payment Mechanisms, and Technical Advisory.


BTY’s expertise in construction implementation, monitoring and risk management encompasses all traditional and alternative procurement and delivery models. Our services include Owner’s Project Management, Employer’s Agent Services, Budget and Schedule Management, Construction Phase Monitoring, Independent Certification and Payment Certification.


BTY provides specialist expertise in assessing a building’s current state, establishing capital planning priorities and life-cycle operations and maintenance. Our services include Compliance Inspections, Life-Cycle Cost & Facilities Management Review and Building Conditions Assessments.

Overview of all our services

  • Infrastructure Advisory
  • Construction Loan Monitoring
  • Project Management
  • Development Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Cost Management
  • Transaction Advisory
  • Claims Services & Expert Opinion
  • Condition Assessments
  • Social & Labour Advisory
  • Health & Safety Advisory
  • Environmental Impact
  • Traffic Studies & Due Diligence
  • >
Infrastructure Advisory

BTY’s award-winning Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnerships (P3) Advisory Team brings global experience in complex social and civil infrastructure assets.

Our Lenders’ Technical Advisory (LTA) services start during the bidding stage of Preferred Proponent selection to provide Financial Institutions comprehensive due diligence on the project’s viability. Our clear reporting enables Project Companies to address competitive pricing and provides Financial Institutions thorough review of project risks.

Through the construction phase, BTY’s LTA teams provide regular monitoring and progress reports detailing adherence to the project budget and schedule, Certification of Payments, Risk Tracking and Mitigation.

As Independent Certifiers, we provide third-party objectivity in Milestone Attestation, Compliance Reporting, Dispute Resolution and facilitate the process for achieving Substantial Completion and Final Completion Certification.

Construction Loan Monitoring

BTY’s professional are industry leaders in assessing and advising on the viability and risks of development projects, from the initial budget review to construction phase monitoring services.

Through budget, schedule and construction reviews, site visits and monthly reports, and cost-to-complete forecasts, we act as the funders’ eyes and ears on the project: monitoring progress, revenues, approvals and flagging concerns early to engage funders and developers to quickly and seamlessly implement solutions.

Our construction and project finance knowledge enables developers to negotiate the funding process with greater ease and present more robust projects.

Project Management

We provide Owner’s Project Management and Owner’s Representative Services with complementing expertise to protect our clients’ interests while overseeing an integrated approach to delivering the project.

Our services are adaptable to fit the full range of project sizes and procurement methods, including traditional Design-Build, Construction Management and Public-Private Partnerships/AFP.

BTY’s Project Management practice gives clients access to responsive, locally experienced and a scalable pool of experts, as and when needed. We provide the best value for clients looking to augment their project team without bloating their resourcing. We also specialize in delivering distressed projects.

Our team includes Project Management Professionals, Construction Managers, Engineers, LEAN Certified experts, Scheduling and Risk Managers.

Development Management

As Development Managers, we provide a tailored approach to Project Planning, Cost Management, Construction Finance, Technical and Operation Compliance and Risk Management services to complement the expertise real estate owners, investors, funders and developers rely upon.

Our services cover every phase of development from Business Case to Concept Planning, Acquisition to Construction and Move-Management.

This capability enables BTY to protect and manage the interests of our clients from start to finish.

Schedule Management

Our in-house Scheduling expertise ensures key milestones are understood and executed while maintaining the critical path. BTY’s Scheduling experts are proficient in the industry’s leading software and technology solutions, including Primavera6.

We provide the best value for clients looking to augment their project team without bloating their resourcing.

We develop a comprehensive and detailed sequence of activities, Work Breakdown Structures, regular schedule review and mitigation for delay events.

Our experience includes developing, managing and reviewing construction schedules for a wide array of development and infrastructure assets, including residential and mixed-use real estate, airports, hospitals and complex transportation projects.

BTY’s Scheduling Services are applicable to all forms of project procurement, including traditional, Design-Build and Public-Private Partnership projects.

Cost Management

Our Cost Management services enable more effective Cost Planning, Cost Estimating, Project Controls and Change Management of a construction project over its entire development cycle.

We provide Cost Estimates at key design stages as well as advise on constructability, escalation, contingency, cash-flow and life-cycle costs to minimize risk and maximize project value.

Our comprehensive database of materials and labour costs enables our accredited professionals to benchmark and market-test cost information informed by geography, asset class, project type, cost premiums, trades availability and market conditions.

BTY’s cost professionals are accredited members of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, United States Green Building Council and Canada Green Building Council.

Transaction Advisory

We advise clients on the technical and financial viability of asset investments and transactions, providing construction and operational context for Refinancing and Secondary Market Transactions.

We advise investors on project costs for new-use conversions, long-term operation and depreciation that may affect investment outcomes.

We provide developers and authorities with expert valuation considering availability, deficiencies, facilities management and life-cycle costs and revenues, payment deductions and more.

BTY has provided Refinancing and Transaction Advisory services for hospitals, roads, bridges, power generation and distribution infrastructure, natural gas and nuclear plants, and assets involving distributed service providers.

Claims Services & Expert Opinion

BTY provides Claims Services, Expert Opinion, formal and informal Disputes Resolution, Project Adjudication and Mediation services related to construction projects.

We offer objective and experienced analysis on projects relating to delay events, payment and claims disputes and default notices. Our approach is focused on providing mitigation recommendations to prevent disputes from escalating into costly litigation.

For funders whose projects are not meeting the intended terms established at the outset of a loan agreement, we review the letter of engagement, inspect the project with the parties to the agreement and provide a definitive report to substantiate dispute claims.

Condition Assessments

Our Property Condition Assessment (PCA) Service includes documentation preparation and review, condition survey/building review, assessment of operator repair and maintenance compliance, identification of remedial measures and a remedial cost estimate.

We prepare Reserve Fund Studies (RFS), also known as Depreciation Reports, enabling owners to optimize the service life of their real estate assets. Our experts work with strata representatives and property managers to develop financial plans to decrease or eliminate deferred maintenance.

In addition to covering all components of a PCA, our studies also provide a financial analysis and a range of funding scenarios. A review of the current Contingency Reserve Fund (CRF) account balance, CRF contributions and operating costs assess whether current funding levels are adequate to meet anticipated expenditures.

Social & Labour Advisory

BTY provides risk and impact assessments and audits on social and labour related matters associated with major infrastructure and land development projects.

We design, implement and monitor plans to mitigate and manage social and labour requirements for both traditional and alternative delivery models across market sectors.

We also develop resettlement action plans, community development plans, and livelihood restoration strategies, as well as conduct comprehensive labour audits, institutional analysis, assessments of labour and working conditions, and human rights impact assessments to SA8000 standards and in compliance with legislative requirements.

Health & Safety Advisory

We provide a multidisciplinary approach to our health and safety advisory services in compliance with local legislative requirements and international best practices.

Our professionals are knowledgeable in health and safety management systems development, implementation and monitoring, including ILO-OSH or OHSAS requirements.

We review health and safety documentation, training and monitoring tools, and provide effective solutions to site practices for compliance with management system checks and services. We can provide ad hoc support to achieve compliance with national and international laws.

Environmental Impact

BTY’s experts bring knowledge in assessing environmental risk, developing environmental impact assessments and action plans associated with major infrastructure and land development projects.

We design, implement and monitor plans to mitigate and manage environmental impact requirements for traditional and alternative delivery models such as P3s in all market sectors.

Our solutions are geared to ensure compliance with various policies of International Financial Institutions (IFI). These can include policies on environmental and social sustainability, Equator Principles, World Bank Safeguard Policies, Requirements of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Asian Development Bank Environmental Policy and legislative obligations.

Traffic Studies & Due Diligence

We provide traffic and revenue forecasting and due diligence services based on technical program, regional demographics and market data.

Developers, equity investors and lenders rely upon our analysis and reviews to identify and mitigate commercial risk when preparing a business case and investment outlook.

Drawing on our expertise in conducting technical due diligence in the transportation sector, we can forecast traffic and revenue for railways, highways, airports, and other logistics related sectors, such as marine ports.

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