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Our founders took the training and culture of their home country and made these a bedrock for a company that has grown to be a global provider of independent advisory services for real estate and infrastructure development.

Over the past four decades, we maintained our connection to this history through projects and people, providing responsive senior-level expertise, entrepreneurial ingenuity and reliable professional service to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Based out of Dublin, our experts deliver Employer’s Agent, Cost Management, Project Monitoring and Infrastructure Advisory services across all market sectors.

Projects in Ireland

  • Ireland Social Housing Bundle 1


  • Ireland Social Housing Bundle 2

Ireland Social Housing Bundle 1


The project comprises the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of affordable housing units delivered under a bundled scheme across various locations in Ireland.

Ireland Social Housing Bundle 2

The PPP project is being procured by the National Development Finance Agency (NDFA) to deliver 1,500 additional social housing units, through an availability-based model. Bundle 2 comprises 456 social housing units that will be developed across 8 sites.

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