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This second stop in BTY’s Leading Infrastructure Across North America series of events featured a dinner bringing together infrastructure leaders in the industry followed by a close-up look at the LaGuardia Airport Central Terminal Building, the largest aviation PPP project in North America.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors has undertaken a research project involving roundtable discussions with industry leaders across the continent, culminating in publishing best practices for Qualified Professionals informed by the pressing needs of developing infrastructure assets across North America.

BTY’s Qualified Professionals rank first for Technical Advisory services in North America, and sixth globally.

“The goal of RICS is to promote the public good and public trust,” says RICS President Amanda Clack. “In the case of infrastructure, that means delivering projects on time, on budget and ethically. We also believe that public-private partnerships draw on the strengths and make the best use of the resources of both sectors. As the largest PPP aviation project in the U.S., the LaGuardia Central Terminal Building redevelopment is one excellent example of such collaboration. We applaud the joint efforts of BTY and the LaGuardia Gateway Partners consortium to deliver this complex undertaking as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Understanding more about this project will help us in our efforts to address challenges facing current infrastructure projects in the U.S. and Canada.”

With national and global attention on the new administration’s plans for developing US$1 trillion of infrastructure, LaGuardia presents a unique look at how PPPs are shaping the planning, procurement and delivery of complex projects in the United States.

“The success to date of the LaGuardia project tells a great story from many perspectives,” said Ryan Brady, BTY’s Director of U.S. Operations. “To give three examples, first, it is a sign of the growing acceptance in the public sphere of PPPs in the United States. Second, it is one of the best examples in the market of the public and private sectors working together to deliver critical and complex infrastructure in a country where a change in the political climate can impact regulatory support at the state and federal level. And third, it’s an excellent showcase of the growing importance of RICS Qualified Professionals playing an integral part in the many moving pieces that drive economic growth in America. We see the results of everyone’s hard work on this project very clearly – with BTY’s top rank in Technical Advisory across North America, and with the numerous PPP mandates we have secured in the U.S.”

The LaGuardia CTB project is the largest U.S. airport transaction, AMT transaction and PPP transaction on the market to date. The project comprises the construction of a new Central Terminal Building with two new airside concourses, apron and taxiway reconstruction, a new Central Hall and landside infrastructure. It is being delivered under the Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Maintain model.

“We greatly support the RICS focus on the U.S. market and infrastructure across North America because it will raise the profile of Qualified Professionals and draw attention to the value we deliver,” said Lionel Dore, BTY’s Director on the LaGuardia Airport CTB.

“BTY published a project case study on LaGuardia in 2016 to capture the lessons we have learned to date working on this project – the importance of design innovations that can enable time savings on the construction schedule, the approach to risk management in building this project without interrupting airport operations – these are valuable experiences we can use to inform and shape best practices for our profession.”


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Click here to download BTY’s Project Case Study on LaGuardia Airport CTB Project.