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The construction of the new corporate headquarters for Saskatchewan’s largest credit union will include a first-of-its-kind business incubator for Regina.

BTY was recently appointed Owner’s Representative for Conexus College Project next to Darke Hall, an existing heritage facility on the University of Regina Campus.

The Project will support the restoration of existing campus heritage buildings and contribute to returning Darke Hall to a premier venue within the city of Regina.

Beginning at the pre-design stage, BTY’s services will continue throughout the duration of the project to occupancy. The project design will be completed working in consultation with the University, the Regina Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee and the Wascana Centre Authority.

Initial plans highlight an innovative 80,000 square-foot, sustainable, LEED-quality facility that will include workspace for Conexus employees and growth space for future needs. The facility will also include a business incubator and shared common areas on the main floor including parking and shared amenities such as a lobby/reception area and café