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COVID-19’s devastating social and economic impact has demonstrated that future infrastructure must be more resilient in operation, more sustainable in building, and more predictable as well as more equitable in value creation. Our latest briefing note examines the profound shift underway in how projects are developed and who benefits from the value infrastructure creates.

As governments seek to rebuild COVID-19 economies, there is now a global push to launch the biggest round of infrastructure investment since the post-2008 financial crisis stimulus measures.

Expanding technology and data in infrastructure development will be a critical enabler to help ensure that it will be affordable and equitable as well as resilient and sustainable. Data analytics will drive digital models that enable better understanding of the way assets function, user behaviour and industry competition – all critical to informed infrastructure investment decisions.

Prepared by BTY experts in collaboration with Operis, a leading advisor in project and infrastructure finance renowned for financial modelling of assets, the briefing note presents short-and-medium term outlooks for greenfield and brownfield development in five sectors: Healthcare, Ports, Rail, Renewables and Electric Vehicles. Top Takeaways include:

>  Private participation in infrastructure development is seen as one of the top opportunities in the industry, especially in emerging markets.

>  Digital twinning will strengthen risk modelling capability critical to developing resilient, sustainable, equitable and predictable infrastructure.

>  Overall, infrastructure’s appeal as an asset class continues to increase despite severe challenges in some sectors, e.g., aviation and oil and gas.


Click here to download the Briefing Note.