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Taking pride in shared success with clients and team members as a global leader in PPP Advisory

With great pride, I am delighted to share that my team, BTY Group, continues to be recognized as industry leaders for service delivery. We ranked #1 for PPP Lenders’ Technical Advisory Services globally on Inframation’s League Tables in October, 2017. In late September, we won the Silver Award for Technical Advisor of the Year at the annual P3 Awards hosted by P3 Partnerships.

It feels appropriate at this time to say thank you to those who make these successes possible.

Firstly, thank you to our clients. Your continued support and trust is fundamental to our role in the industry – and allows us to consistently support the world’s best in infrastructure development.

Thank you also to all of our BTY team members who work tirelessly together and go above and beyond to support our clients’ success.

Collaborative Culture: Our Secret Ingredient for Success

I continue to be impressed by our strong collaborative team-culture – and undoubtedly this is key to our success. Sharing knowledge, building relationships and bringing the best practices – and people – to every project. I believe that team collaboration is BTY’s secret ingredient.

We share it liberally, and have been doing so for a long time. Even before the industry recognized and awarded our top PPP Advisory team, BTY was collaborating and innovating in the development of PPP reporting standards in Canada.

We are also a leader in sharing the Canadian PPP model around the world, supporting clients in developing new markets such as the United States and Turkey. Canada’s success has also taken BTY back to the UK and Ireland, where North American expertise are fusing with long-standing best practices to shape the next generation of infrastructure development.

Few things in our business are more satisfying than helping deliver large, complex infrastructure projects from conception to completion. From transit systems taking people to and from work, to families reuniting at airports, or people receiving medical care in world-class healthcare facilities, we are proud of every single project we have worked on.

There’s no question why we do it.

How do we do it? We work hard with, and for, our clients, and each other – and take great pride in our many shared successes.