Neill, a Partner with more than 35 years of Canadian, U.S. and international industry experience, has been with BTY since 1991.

His focus areas are Cost Management, Technical Advisory, Sustainable Building Advisory, Transaction Advisory, and Expert Opinion services for Public Authorities and Owners, P3 Developers, Private Real Estate Developers, Financial Institutions, Architects and Designers and Specialist Consultants.

In addition to directing Cost Management, Schedule Management, and Life Cycle Costing services, Neill also leads our Special Services Group that integrates research, analytics and information management to support BTY’s service innovation in Management Consulting. He also oversees life-cycle cost and cost benefit analysis studies.

At home, there are two horses and a donkey named Bartle, whose bray can be heard more than a mile away. Neill reckons that Bartle is either saying nice to see you, or asking where breakfast or dinner is.