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Congratulations to Plenary Roads Winnipeg Transitway on achieving this significant project milestone!

BTY, acting as the Lenders’ Technical Advisor on the Southwest Rapid Transitway (Stage 2) and Pembina Highway Underpass Project is pleased to extend our thanks to Plenary Roads Winnipeg Transitway for the opportunity to participate in this project to enhance Winnipeg’s transportation network.

The $467 million project is comprised of significant infrastructure components including: the completion of Stage 2 of the Southwest Transitway, the addition of active transportation infrastructure, the renewal and expansion of the Pembina Underpass, and connections to the University of Manitoba and Investors Group Field.  The project also includes the operations and maintenance of the new Stage 2 and the existing Stage 1 portion over a 30-year operating period.

Construction of the Project is expected to begin this summer, with completion in late 2019. Once completed, the project will allow for transportation to operate in a more sustainable and integrated manner in line with Winnipeg’s approved Transportation Master Plan.

BTY is also engaged to provide Construction Phase Monitoring (including Payment Certification) Services to the lenders group.