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Ben Weishaupt

Work on large projects no matter where you’re located

At BTY I work in a small office with a tight-knit team.

This has allowed me to get a well-rounded view of the range of services that BTY provides. I started as a Graduate Project Consultant, completing Progress Claims and Budget Reviews as part of our Lender Services team. I have moved up to become a Senior Project Consultant who also chairs Project Close-out Meetings and prepares monthly status reports as an Independent Certifier, and completes Pre-Bid and Monthly Reports as an LTA. That’s in addition to also working in Lender Services. A civil engineer by training and initial career direction, I’ve been lucky to be able to use what I’ve learned on a number of different projects – from reviewing geotechnical reports and civil drawings for small site servicing projects to reviewing the proposed design and site conditions for large P3 Projects across North America.

With Saskatoon as home base, our office has been able to work on some of the largest projects across the Prairies, including the Regina Stadium, Saskatoon Civic Operations Centre, the North Commuter Parkway and the Saskatchewan Schools. My experience on these projects has allowed me to work with other offices on even larger projects. I enjoy the team I work with in person, as well as the teams from other offices I’ve worked with over the phone.