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As an energy-efficient alternative to conventional materials and technologies, mass timber construction is gaining momentum in visibility and popularity.

Earlier this month, BTY Director Penny Phelan participated on a panel hosted by ULI Toronto, discussing the rising popularity of mass timber construction. Industry experts discussed how to overcome the challenges of building with mass timber, including:

• How to meet increasing demand for mass timber development
• Challenges of obtaining approvals
• Unique methods and techniques used for design
• Feasibility of mass timber buildings becoming mainstream

Following the discussion, Penny was featured in a Novae Res Urbis (NRU) article titled ‘Getting our Teeth into Wood’, which provides insight and key takeaways on how to overcome timber supply chain challenges.

“There are less [timber] suppliers – it’s a little more difficult and you need to get in line early. The earlier you can bring in your supplier, the better. Read more…

Penny was also featured in the Ontario Construction News article ‘ULI Takes a Close-Up Look at One of Toronto’s Mass Timber Structures’ that highlighted the event as a “one-of-a-kind experience [which] taught a lot about the design and construction procedures involved.”

For over 20 years, BTY has been involved with mass timber construction. Reach out to one of our experts to learn more about our experience and capabilities.


Posted with permission of the publisher of NRU Publishing Inc. Original article first appeared in Novae Res Urbis Toronto, Vol. 27, No. 24, Friday, June 16, 2023.

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