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Jack McInerney


B.A., B.Eng.

Jack McInerney is a Director at BTY with 15 years of industry experience. He joined BTY in 2011.

Jack McInerney is a Director at BTY with 15 years of industry experience and a leader in BTY's PPP and Infrastructure Advisory services.

Jack McInerney is a leader in BTY’s PPP and Infrastructure Advisory services based in the firm’s Dublin office. He is one of the most experienced Technical Advisors for the PPP/Alternative Financing Procurement markets globally, having led project teams on well over 50 mandates.

Jack’s background in civil engineering has enabled him to gain considerable experience advising lenders, investors and PPP developers on complex roads, highways, bridges and tunnel projects. He also specializes in Transaction Advisory Services and Refinancing Technical Due Diligence for clients in European markets. In addition to transportation, Jack McInerney’s portfolio encompasses projects in the transit, housing, water and waste management, airports, energy, education and health care sectors.

What is it like to work at BTY?

“We get the opportunity to work with closely knit teams of intelligent people and immediate access to executives. There’s a very open mindset of finding solutions collaboratively – be it working with clients to address issues on a project or developing a strategy for a market. We also get to work on some of the most interesting, challenging and high-profile projects in the world with very passionate and capable client teams. Working with the best of best keeps us constantly upping our game.”

Industry Experience

  • Financial Institutions
  • Architects and Designers
  • P3 Developers
  • Private Real Estate Developers
  • Public Authorities and Owners
  • Specialist Consultants