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In a much-anticipated move, the US Federal Reserve announced its decision to maintain the interest rate between 5.25% and 5.5%.

This decision reflects a cautious approach by the Feds as the economic climate in North America continues to cool. Notably, this decision aligns closely with the Bank of Canada’s recent move to hold its overnight rate at 5%, signaling a synchronous monetary policy approach by the two nations. These decisions arrive amidst ongoing geopolitical turmoil, complex socioeconomic challenges faced by the general population, and rising demand for key infrastructure including housing, healthcare, education, and transportation.

The U.S. Federal Reserve’s Summary of Economic Projections includes several indicators that potential reductions to the interest rate may come as early as 2024. These signals are important for the Bank of Canada as its monetary policy often mirrors the U.S. Federal Reserve due to our markets’ economic interdependencies. Should the U.S. Federal Reserve announce rate reductions, it is highly likely that the Bank of Canada would follow. Such a shift could have significant implications for the Canadian economy in 2024, potentially sparking a series of adjustments in various sectors, including investment, consumer spending, and cross-border trade.

For the construction industry, these announcements may be a positive indicator for 2024 and beyond. The construction sector, particularly sensitive to changes in interest rates, will likely react quickly to Bank of Canada Overnight Rate reductions. Lower interest rates often increase lending and borrowing, making capital more accessible. This could result in a surge in housing and infrastructure projects as Owners and Developers find their projects more financially viable.

At BTY, these potential shifts in the market are essential to how we advise our clients and help them navigate volatility in the construction industry. Combining the knowledge of our technical experts with our proactive and deep local knowledge of the markets we serve is a core component of every service we provide, including Cost Management, Project Management, Project Monitoring & Lender Services, and Infrastructure Advisory. Connect with us to learn more about how BTY can provide tailored guidance on your next project.