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Tiana Bugyra

HR Manager  


Tiana is a Human Resources Manager at BTY with four years of industry experience. She joined BTY in 2016.

Tiana is BTY’s Human Resources Manager. She has a Masters’ Degree in Human Resource
Management (MHRM), certification as a CHPR (Chartered Professional in Human Resources of BC & Yukon), and four years of experience in the field. As HR Manager, Tiana manages multiple HR functions, such as talent recruitment and acquisition, learning and development, performance management, employee engagement, payroll and benefits administration, labour and managerial relations, and workplace safety and labour law compliance.

Since joining BTY in 2016, she has led several talent and engagement initiatives, including applying for and achieving the Great Place to Work Certification, implementing BTY’s LinkedIn Learning platform, 360° Performance Reviews,
and BTY’s first HRIS software.

How has working at BTY contributed to your professional growth?

“BTY has given me opportunities not only to grow my skills, but also outline a path to becoming an expert in my role. Those opportunities take me out of my comfort zone — regularly. I also really enjoy the company of my workmates, whether they are in the office or in another region. I learn a lot from them and have discovered the value of having great working relationships.”