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The pandemic saw post-secondary education institutions rapidly adapt to online delivery of instruction. Now they must adapt again as the impact of the pandemic on in-person learning wanes.

Post-secondary institutions face multiple challenges, including increasing demand as the job market requires advanced skills and higher educational levels, declines in funding, and increasing administrative and operating costs. They also need to be able to integrate online learning while enriching the on-campus experience to support healthy enrollment – especially among international students who pay higher fees that bolster revenue.

BTY has long been providing post-secondary institutions across Canada with expertise that supports their efforts to offer a superior educational experience across a wide range of buildings and facilities.

One of our largest post-secondary engagements is the beginning of a whole new campus for York University in Markham, Ontario. We are providing full project management services as well as third-party costing reviews for the construction of a campus building on a five-acre site that will serve more than 4,000 students. Targeting LEED Gold certification, the approximately $200 million project will focus on supporting digital technology education and jobs training programs.

The University of Toronto is also a part of BTY’s Project Management portfolio, having delivered the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Solar Thermal and Photovoltaics Program as part of the University’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 37% and put the campus on track to becoming a “net-zero” and climate positive institution.

BTY has also supported education institutions across Saskatchewan. We are presently engaged on the $550-million expansion of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Campus, which is addressing growing higher education demand for applied learning. The comprehensive project will consolidate the functions of the main campus and satellites onto a new expanded campus to meet present and future needs.

Our Project Management team also completed two projects at the University of Saskatchewan. The first was a new state-of-the-art Collaborative Science and Research Building for the university that includes 61,000 sf of wet and dry laboratory spaces, collaborative workspaces and administrative/ support facilities. The entire building was designed and built-in accordance with Biosafety Level 2 specifications and criteria. The second was the university’s new Livestock and Forage Centre for Excellence, a modern facility that enables advanced education in agriculture and livestock management.

BTY is providing Project Management services on multiple infrastructure projects at John Abbott College in Quebec. For over 50 years, the College has been dedicated to offering its students and staff exceptional services and facilities specifically designed to provide the necessary tools they need to succeed. The College is continuously adding and improving its existing programs to make it one of the top-rated English CEGEPs in Quebec.

Additionally, our Project Management team is engaged with multiple post-secondary education institutions across British Columbia, including the $58 million Capilano University Campus Minor Works project in North Vancouver.

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