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September 30 marks the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation across Canada.

The issues that Indigenous communities continue to face in Canada are complex and the result of many things that have transpired over the past 150 years. Before contact with colonizers, Indigenous peoples had thriving economies and communities.

Together we can help Indigenous people restore prosperity by addressing long-standing inequalities, building sustainable relationships and business partnerships based on rights and meaningful consultation, and move toward inclusive prosperity for Indigenous nations and all Canadians.

BTY’s Indigenous Relations Policy

BTY Group is dedicated to growing and promoting mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous Peoples’, businesses and communities throughout Canada which bring value to Indigenous Peoples’, businesses, communities and to BTY Group.

We are dedicated to creating a workplace which is inclusive and respectful of Indigenous Peoples’ history, culture and heritage, while providing employment opportunities and conducting with Indigenous entrepreneurs and development corporations.

BTY Group will adhere to the following principles in the implementation of its Indigenous Policy:

  1. 1. Respect and transparency are important in BTY Group’s discussions and engagement with Indigenous people, businesses and communities;
    2. Trust is built and earned and stands as the foundation of any good relationship;
    3. Business relationships and engagement must be fair and equitable for parties;
    4. BTY Group will act with good will and intent in all of its Indigenous initiatives;
    5. BTY Group will seek to be a model for exemplary Indigenous relations;
    6. The Employment Equity Act is acknowledged as measures are taken to ensure fairness, reasonableness, and an absence of bias and harassment; and
    7. BTY Group embraces diversity and inclusion as vital components of a successful, engaging, and productive workplace.

BTY Indigenous Program & PAR

Our Indigenous Relations Program is structured as per the four pillars to obtain the Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) certificate with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB). PAR is a certificate program that confirms corporate performance in Indigenous relations at different levels. Certified companies obtain certain levels by being good business partners, great places to work, and by showing commitment to prosperity in Indigenous communities.

Leadership – Actions to reinforce an organizational focus on Aboriginal relations by leaders in the organization.

Employment – The commitment of resources to achieving equitable representation of Aboriginal persons in the workplace.

Business development – The commitment of resources to the development of business relationships with Aboriginal owned businesses.

Community relations – Engagement and support by providing time and resources to develop and sustain positive and progressive relationships with Aboriginal communities.

Reach out to learn more about how BTY Group is taking action in Truth & Reconciliation across Canada.

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